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Claustrophobia causes terror and panic when someone feels trapped inside an MRI machine. MRI claustrophobia can be a significant issue for many people but LA MRI Center, Inc. in  Koreatown,  Los Angeles, California, has the solution. The practice uses cutting-edge open MRI machines so you don’t feel enclosed like a traditional MRI. Call LA MRI Center, Inc. to learn how to get the diagnosis you need without fear of MRI claustrophobia, or you can complete the online booking form today.

MRI Claustrophobia Q&A

What is MRI claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces. Many people don’t like the idea of being stuck  in a confined space because it’s the human instinct to avoid situations where you could face dangers like running out of air. However, those with claustrophobia feel intense, unbearable fear and distress even when they’re completely safe.

Being in an MRI machine is traumatic for anyone with claustrophobia. Traditional MRIs are large tunnels that surround your body that can cause feelings of confinement. While an MRI poses no danger, you might experience fear and panic because you’re confined. Even those who don’t usually experience claustrophobia can have problems with a traditional MRI.

What issues does MRI claustrophobia cause?

If you suffer from MRI claustrophobia you might avoid having the procedure potentially delaying a diagnosis and harming your health. However, forcing yourself to have an MRI in an enclosed machine when you have claustrophobia can worsen the problem.

You might experience a panic attack, where the claustrophobia is so severe that you shake and sweat, develop nausea and suffer palpitations (rapid, pounding heartbeat). Your panic may be so extreme that you might struggle to get out of the MRI machine and hurt yourself.

To make matters worse, keeping very still during an MRI is vital. You might find this impossible if you have MRI claustrophobia which will result in blurry images.

What can I do if I have MRI claustrophobia?

LA MRI Center, Inc. has the ideal solution for anyone with MRI claustrophobia. They use open MRI machines that aren’t enclosed and have no sides. You don’t have to slide into a confining tube so  you won’t get claustrophobic.

Before your MRI begins, your technician ensures you feel comfortable. You can talk to them  any time during the MRI if you have a problem, need a break or feel discomfort. You can even have a friend or family member with you throughout the procedure if it helps you relax.

Call LA MRI Center, Inc. to learn more about open MRI and how it helps with claustrophobia. You can also book an appointment online.

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