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Back pain is a frequent cause of lost work time and disability that has multiple possible causes. LA MRI Center, Inc. in  Koreatown,  Los Angeles, California, specializes in using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine what’s causing back pain. The practice’s state-of-the-art open MRI machine creates accurate images of your spine and you’re able to do the exam comfortably. Call LA MRI Center, Inc. to see how a back MRI could help you, or schedule a consultation online today.

Back MRI Q&A

What is a back MRI?

An MRI is a diagnostic procedure. Back MRIs help your doctor determine what’s causing spinal pain and loss of function.

MRI machines use high-powered magnets and radiofrequency waves to create multiple cross-sectional images of your body. MRIs provide more detail than other diagnostic imaging techniques, accurately recreating the vertebrae, discs, spinal cord, nerves, and the spaces that nerves pass through as they exit your spine.

A back MRI could include all or part of your spine. A lumbar MRI is for the lower back, a thoracic MRI focuses on the upper back, and a cervical MRI covers your neck.

Why might I need a back MRI?

Your provider might order a back MRI to help diagnose spinal problems and symptoms caused by nerve compression, such as:

  • Persistent or severe back pain
  • Leg weakness or numbness
  • Back pain
  • Congenital spine abnormalities
  • Spinal trauma
  • Incontinence
  • Herniated disc symptoms
  • Radiculopathy (trapped spinal nerves)

Your provider performs a thorough physical exam, medical history review, and symptom check to identify possible back or neck pain causes. They may be able to diagnose your condition without diagnostic imaging but want to see the extent of the damage in more detail. Or the cause of your symptoms may be unclear.

If you’re due for a spinal surgery, your surgeon might order a back MRI to help them plan the operation more accurately.

What happens when I have a back MRI?

Most MRI machines are large tunnels that encase your entire body. Many people find this unpleasant and claustrophobic. MRIs last about 35 minutes per  body part examined, and you must stay still throughout the exam(s), so this experience can be challenging in a closed MRI machine.

LA MRI Center, Inc. uses the Hitachi Airis II™ open MRI machine, which doesn’t  enclose your body entirely. This eliminates claustrophobia, making the experience considerably more comfortable.

You lie on a special table while the machine performs the procedure. The MRI technician is in the next room, operating the controls and watching to ensure that you’re OK. If you need anything, there’s a communicator so you can speak to the technician.

After your back MRI, you can continue your day without downtime, normally. Your provider will contact you to discuss the MRI results and recommend treatment.

Call LA MRI Center, Inc. to learn more about back MRIs, or book an appointment online today.

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Doctors commonly order an MRI of their patient to diagnose the unknown causes of present symptoms. An MRI allows doctors to examine the internal tissues and organs in the body more accurately. This helps them find the best treatment path for patients. There are a variety of symptoms and conditions that may warrant an MRI examination.